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Name:dangerous, mute lunatic
Once upon a time, Chell went to Bring Your Daughter to Work Day and never came back.

(She won the Potato Battery Contest, though.)

Since then, she was alternatively kept in stasis and raised by a handful of robots while she underwent important personality testing to determine her appropriateness for being a guinea pig of SCIENCE!

Chell is very bright, but her upbringing partially turned her into an idiot savant. Her formal education ceased when she was still young, probably somewhat preteen, but given her adeptness with plant biology and fluency in binary (Lab Rat), it’s fair to guess that she was already above average in certain subjects. Her practical problem-solving skills are through the roof, thanks in part to natural talent, sink-or-swim training, and the stubbornness to not give up in the face of certain defeat. That last trait placed her very, very low on the list test subjects, and it could have been years before she was ever called up - except that she caught the eye of one paranoid schizophrenic who believed she could take down the AI running their lives.

NOTES ON COMMUNICATION: Chell hasn’t interacted directly with anyone human for years, so some of her social skills have fallen by the wayside. She also hasn’t spoken aloud to anyone for about the same amount of time, which has caused the speech centers of her brain to fall partially into disuse. Combine that with the likely brain damage from her time in stasis, and her verbal communications skills dwindle down to maybe barely comprehensible noises. In the meantime, any other attempt at actual language communication would be written out in a child’s scrawl that is partially influenced by the only other human she had any kind of communication with, Doug Rattmann. As a result, her communications also have a heavier than usual reliance on pictures.

Chell is from Portal/Portal 2, and is the property of name of Valve. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

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